Sash Rebuild Sash Rebuild Program (SRP) - Features

LF Systems has found that the Sash drive system, whether cable or chain based, is often the hood sub-system that requires the greatest attention. Our analysis identifies potential problem areas and determines whether lubrication or a full hood overhaul is required to return the hood to “like new” conditions. Analysis is performed on the following hood components with replacement as contracted with LF Systems:

  • Cables or Chains
  • Pulleys or Sprockets
  • Sashes or Sash glass
  • Counter weights
  • Bearings
  • Stainless steel sash guide components
  • Extension slides

We have the measurement tools to validate the result of the repair and the reports to document the new operating baseline. In cases where only lubrication is required, we will be able to project when more extensive servicing may be necessary, to assist with the budgeting of potential future work.

Download our PDF on Fume Hood Repair Adobe PDF