Fume Hood Repair & Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance LF Systems Corp is a leader in the specification, installation, and maintenance of fume hoods. With thousands of hoods installed and maintained over the past three decades, LF Systems offers a comprehensive array of programs, customizable to maintain your hood investment long after the initial installation has occurred. We have observed that hoods have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, based on initial hood quality and the testing environment. Additionally, we find that clients will pursue fume hood repair services only after fume hoods have failed in some manner. Our 100+ years of fume hood experience enables us to analyze and repair fume hoods manufactured by most any vendor, restoring hoods to full operation. Our fume hood service programs focus on three key areas of hood operation.

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All work is identified, scheduled and performed with minimal impact on your testing and research operation:

  • Repair of hood components is performed with minimal building service disconnects.
  • Interior equipment configuration can remain in place (Equipment, glassware, and chemical).
  • Sash drive systems are tuned to optimize the force required to raise or lower the hood sash.

Finally, we understand workplace ergonomics and the repetitive lift or pull forces required to gain access to the hood-based testing environment. We work with you to meet and even exceed the industry standards that have been enforced to protect your research personnel.