Hood Enhancement Program (HEP) - Features

From time to time our clients have requested that we refurbish one or more hoods by introducing new features or operations. Our technicians can make such modifications which will enhance your day to day research and experimentation initiatives.

The following are some of the hood enhancement possibilities:

  • Convert vertical rising sash system to horizontal sliding sash configuration
  • Modifications to depth or height of fume hood
  • Rebuild cable and pulley sash drive mechanism
  • Rebuild chain and sprocket sash drive system
  • Replace fume hood liner and baffles
  • Replace sash glass
  • Replace base cabinets, add knee space or set hood on a welded table frame
  • Add Flexascope service manifold and valves
  • Add distillation section or lattice
  • Add sash stops or locks
  • Add interior shelving
  • Add a ceiling enclosure
  • Add side wall equipment pass through or cord/tubing pass through

Implementation of hood enhancements becomes a time and material discussion. Contact us for further information.

Download our PDF on Fume Hood Repair Adobe PDF