Compare the cost of replacing a large fume hood with multiple sashes – with the cost of simply replacing the worn-out sash components.

Complete and competent replacement of the following items:

  1. Cables or Chains
  2. Pulleys or Sprockets
  3. Sashes or Sash glass
  4. Counter weights
  5. Bearings
  6. St.St. sash guide components
  7. Extension slides

Relieve ergonomic issues that are adversely affecting your research personnel.

  1. Most hoods can be brought within the industry standard 8 to 12 lbs. maximum force required to open or shut a sash.

Our technicians have already performed major rebuilds on hoods produced by all major US manufacturers. The specific team which rebuilds your hoods will have over 30 years experience in this custom field of operation.

Our technicians can also make modifications to existing systems which will aid you in your day to day research needs. Some of these unique hood changes might include, manifolds, stench boxes, distillation sections, distillation racks and shelving systems.


In certain instances the need for Horizontal sash systems outweighs the features of Vertical sash systems. In this case we can convert your Vertical sash hood to Horizontal sash. A special meeting will be needed to detail the changes to your hood.


Have you ever wondered if a preventative maintenance program on your
fume hoods could deter costly shut downs and major replacement costs for
your fume hood investment?

LF Systems Corp. has been doing these types of maintenance programs for years

Typical program for cable driven fume hoods:

  1. Open and close force analysis of current sash system
  2. Vacuuming and cleaning top of fume hood
  3. Removal of all miscellaneous debris
  4. Cleaning pulleys with special solvent and purging with pressurized air
  5. Lubrication of pulleys and cables with custom synthetic oil
  6. Lubrication of all extension slides – if part of the guide system
  7. Adjustment of sashes and weights for proper movement and alignment
  8. Recommendations will be made as to replacement parts if necessary

Typical program for chain driven fume hoods:

  1. Open and close force analysis of current sash system
  2. Vacuuming and cleaning top of fume hood
  3. Removal of all miscellaneous debris
  4. Cleaning sprockets and chains with special solvent and purging with pressurized air
  5. Lubrication of sprockets and chains with custom synthetic oil
  6. Lubrication of all extension slides – if part of the guide system
  7. Adjustment of sashes and weights for proper movement and alignment
  8. Recommendations will be made as to replacement parts if necessary


  1. Our recommendation is to have this program completed 2 times a year
  2. This work can be completed on the hood with no affect on the work being done in the hood
  3. No mechanical disconnects are needed to perform this work

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