Phenolic Resin Countertops


  Phenolic Resin is a plastic-like material formed from a chemical reaction between a carbon based alcohol and an aldehyde.  Aldehydes are organic chemicals with the     structure of R-CHO, which is a carbon double bonded to an oxygen center (a formyl group), which in turn is bonded to hydrogen and a side chain.


. In the mid 1900’s this material was mixed with wood fibers and heated to high temperatures, forming a strong plastic-like polymer. This was used to make handles for cooking utensils and ovens, as well as other household items, such as the phone below. This early plastic was called Bakelite. phenolic-resin-image



  Today, phenolic resin is made by compressing many layers of paper and impregnating them with the liquid resin under high heat and pressure conditions. The result is a relatively light weight, chemical resistant product that can be fabricated into tops, cabinets, and shelving.

phenolic-resin-hpl-board (1)


Phenolic resin countertops are often used today in place of the traditional black epoxy resin tops in hospitals, restaurants, schools and many laboratories.


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