Saving Energy with Smart-Sash®

Fume hoods are essential components of research facilities, whether they be pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, biotechnical or education-based. They serve multiple purposes, the most important being to protect workers in the lab from breathing harmful vapors. Unfortunately safety comes at a price, and it has been estimated that one fume hood running for 24 hours a day uses as much energy as two single homes.

In order to maximize energy conservation and increase laboratory safety, Jamestown Metal Products has developed Smart-Sash®. This is a fully automated, programmable system which opens and closes the sash completely hands free. Whenever a researcher enters the designated field of operation in front of the fume hood, the sash will automatically open, and likewise will close 15 to 20 seconds after technician steps away. This eliminates the uncontrollable human factor, optimizing safety and efficiency.



Features include:

  • Electronic gear motor coupled to the chain and sprocket sash counterbalance system.
  • Direct drive to sash chain allows smooth uninterrupted up and down motion.
  • Sash closes within 20 seconds after operator leaves the front of the hood.
  • Able to be retrofitted on JMP or non-JMP bench hoods.
  • Operator can stop the sash opening at any time and re-position manually.
  • Meets ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003 specifications.
  • Minimizes exposure by returning the sash to the closed position when not in use.
  • Low volume audible pulses alert operator of sash closure.
  • Prevents cross contamination between hoods.
  • Up to $2,561 annual savings per hood.
  • Aerodynamic sash handle allows for the containment of harmful fumes during rapid sash movement.

    From organic chemistry experiments in a university setting, to drug synthesis in a pharmaceutical lab, Smart-Sash® is unparalleled in its increased safety, efficiency and energy conservation.

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