Manifold as used in a laboratory environment is defined as a pipefitting with several lateral outlets for connecting one pipe with others. In various lab settings, it is necessary to utilize manifold as a means of carrying building services such as nitrogen, oxygen, water, compressed air, vacuum and carbon dioxide to individual lab spaces from a remote storage area.  This is necessary for two reasons: First, it is hazardous to locate gas cylinders in a laboratory area, and secondly, it is a waste of valuable floor space. Well designed gas delivery systems provide safety, efficiency, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

Flex-a-scope is a stackable, aluminum manifold that provides a safe, attractive delivery system for house services.


Flex 10


Flex-a-scope can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall or reagent shelf support, and even on the ceiling, depending on the building design. Each end and outlet is drilled and tapped, and can be capped for future use.


Close up 6

Flex-a-scope can be installed with open or closed brackets, staggered fittings, as well as other options to support individual requirements.

Close up 5

The result – an attractive, user-friendly work bench providing house services in a safe, efficient facility.